Covid Update

“In order to stay within the remit of providing “other…health services, including services relating to mental health”:
You must only provide the therapies you are registered for, on a one-to-one basis to clients, for an identified mental or physical health condition or injury that is causing them pain or having an adverse impact on their mobility or their quality of life.”

This announcement was made by my governing body on the 5th of January but with the numbers high in Bristol at the time I choose to stay closed.

I have been keeping up to date and the numbers have dropped a fair out since then. Plus I have had a lot of enquiries these past few days and feel now is the right time to return to work.

Will be taking bookings for in Montpellier on Mondays, this will be the only day available on my booking site at the moment. Bristol College of Massage is currently closed so I am un able to work in Clifton. If you cannot make a slot on Monday and still really need a treatment then please get in contact and see what other dates and times I am available.

Like before a high level of keeping safe, appropriate PPE is worn and a consultation form needs to be filled out before you have a treatment.

Really looking forward to being able to work again and provide a service of touch. Feels more needed than ever as we navigate these times.


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