Remedial Holistic Bodywork & Yoga


As from the 12th of April close contact services can return. I am now taking booking and can book via my bookings page.

Like before a high level of keeping safe, appropriate PPE is worn and a consultation form needs to be filled out before you have a treatment.



Massage is an ancient therapy used to help heal the physical, emotional and energetic body. It brings awareness to our bodies, especially where we feel tension or hold stress and why we might be tired in life. The treatment of massage can aid in relieving tension, reducing stress and bringing more energy to our bodies.

Bodywork is a term used that  refers to techniques and practices of body-based approaches to treatment that emphasise manipulation and realignment of the body’s structure which can improve its function as well as the client’s mental outlook.

Callum massage-52I am a fully qualified massage therapist who specialises in Holistic, Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release. Working with your needs and wishes the massage is tailored to what ever you want from your treatment.

Yoga is the enquiry of being alive, it asks questions of why we are alive, how we are living and enables us to live how we want to. I am 250 hour Teacher Training in Yoga accredited by the Independent Yoga Network.

Massage and bodywork is for everybody and a powerful therapy to include in our our lives.

All the information about what I provide can be found on this website. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you.

Callum Gillon

12th Of April

12th of April, next week a big day for coming out of these times as things start to open!

Slowly and subtly, part of me is super excited and another part is feeling anxious. All is welcome!

There is now no need to have a medical issue to have a massage. Please book vis my bookings page.

Hope to see you soon.


Covid Update

“In order to stay within the remit of providing “other…health services, including services relating to mental health”:
You must only provide the therapies you are registered for, on a one-to-one basis to clients, for an identified mental or physical health condition or injury that is causing them pain or having an adverse impact on their mobility or their quality of life.”

This announcement was made by my governing body on the 5th of January but with the numbers high in Bristol at the time I choose to stay closed.

I have been keeping up to date and the numbers have dropped a fair out since then. Plus I have had a lot of enquiries these past few days and feel now is the right time to return to work.

Will be taking bookings for in Montpellier on Mondays, this will be the only day available on my booking site at the moment. Bristol College of Massage is currently closed so I am un able to work in Clifton. If you cannot make a slot on Monday and still really need a treatment then please get in contact and see what other dates and times I am available.

Like before a high level of keeping safe, appropriate PPE is worn and a consultation form needs to be filled out before you have a treatment.

Really looking forward to being able to work again and provide a service of touch. Feels more needed than ever as we navigate these times.


Welcome in 2021!

2021 what will it bring?

A new year is always a healthy time to set some intentions, start planning for what you want to make happen this year. Right now plans can be really hard to make with the uncertainty of what is happening in the world!

So what can I do to help?

Fortunately I am still able you to get in touch with your body, offer a place for you to engage, relax and enjoy the necessary of human touch! Holistic treatments, Deeptissue Massage and Myofascial Release.

I am working Mon-Wed and some Saturday throughout January. working in Montpellier and Clifton.

Hope to see you soon. Happy New Year


Working during Lockdown 2

Very happy to announce that I can stay open during this lockdown as Massage Therapy has been recognised as essential work.

This is not just good news for me but for the massage profession. I am happily shocked that we have been given the green light to carry on working. This is great progress to enable to help people with their physical and mental wellbeing during this time.

A genuine healthcare need for the treatment is required. Massage can help with physical conditions as well as mental health conditions. A painful shoulder, torn muscle in your leg, anxiety, migraine, insomnia ect.

Well done to Massage Training Institute and other governing bodies for their hard work.

I am offering £5 off 60 and 75 minute treatments and £10 off 90 minute treatments throughout November.

4 Hand Massage


Being massaged by one pairs of hands is already pretty awesome, so imagine two pairs of hands??

I am so excited to be massaging at this event
The Four Hands Massage Jounrey

And I am going to be getting to partner up with my good friend and colleague Laura @whiteowltherapies. One of the most intuitive, direct, nurturing massage therapists I know so
you shall be so lucky to be massaged by both of us 😉

There will be a team of other amazing therapists, guided mediation and you will go home blissed out 🙂

Thank you to Sophie for the invite 💚 Xx

Myofascial Release Training


What I love about bodywork is that I will never stop learning! I am always fasinated and eager to learn more.

First day of the Advanced Upper Body Integrated Myofascial Training with MFR UK. Learnt some new awesome techniques and cant wait to continue tomorrow!

#fascinatedbyfascia #massagebristol #bodywork

Yoga in 2020

yogga (2)

Yoga class’s start back this week. If you would like to start a practise or deepen your own I invite you to come along. Bring a mate along.

8pm @ Matterwhole Foods in Easton on Mondays

10am @ Yogasara in Montpelier on Wednesdays

Can book via move gb or drop.


Happy New Year


New Year, New you? Right? The social constructs of starting the new year in January (in the UK anyway) is quick bizare really, it still gets dark really eary, it still really wet and cold outside and you probably didnt actually get heaps of rest throughout December? And will be like this for a further couple of months!

I believe self care is needed all year round but I will jump on the New Year bandwagon and can help you feel more at peace with yourself this year.

I have some block offer to make an ongoing commitment to your body;

£155 for four 60 minute treatments
£200 for four 75 minute treatments
£245 for four 90 minute treatments.

£300 for eight 60 minute treatments
£390 for eight 75 minute treatments
£480 for eight 90 minute treatments.

Able to pay 50% now and rest by the 1st of February or flexible with arranging a payment plan.

£5 off 75 minute treatment, £10 off 90 throughout January.

Hope to see you this year.

Many thanks for the support

Fully Self Employed


At the start of the year I made an intention to become self employed come the end of year.

Today is my first day of self employment! Fully trusting in myself that I have the capability to be able to maintain and live the life I choose to live.

Fear can fully control your life, fear of having financial security can take up abundance of energy which could be transformed into something much richer. I choose to face fear with love, trust and confidence that I am seeking to take full control of what I get to do with my time and energy. To get to work with people, help people and continue to develop my trade.

Huge thank you and a continuous thank you my clients who come for treatments, yogis coming to practise and to everyone who recommends my work.

I love this work  so please keep coming, keep telling your friends, enquire if you have any questions and I will always respond.

Practising yoga and having regular bodywork will make your life better, I promise ya 

Working now Monday-Saturdays.

Can book me also at Loop Massage on Thursdays and some Saturdays.

Many thanks

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