I first knew the benefits of massage when I was around 14 playing a lot of rugby my mother would give my shoulders a massage and straight away feel much better.

It took about another 10 years and a trip travelling in Asia that I would discover that massage could be something that is weaved into my life. On returning to Bristol I retrained, quit my job as an electrician and became a full-time massage therapist. I have a strong interest and an ever-growing passion for massage and bodywork.

The body fascinates me and I believe the work of massage can help us gain a better understanding of our own bodies. I want to share, through massage therapy, the skills and techniques I am forever developing as I increase my understanding of the human body.

When not working I am practising yoga, geeking out about coffee, hiking in the mountains, going to gigs and finding Bristol’s best place for noodle soup.

Training and Qualifications;