Why yoga?

What is yoga?

Yoga to me is a practise of enquiry into why I move, breathe, think and question what it means to be a human in a body on this earth whilst it travels throughout the universe.

The past week I have been waking up on the beautiful island of Cyprus at the #engagedyogaretreat deepening my practise. Working with the physical body the reason to make shapes on a mat is to bring awareness, feel into what our muscles are doing and to breath into every moment. Through breath work learning how to take control of the nervous system, whilst chanting delving into the vibration of what really is and having the community of others to share thoughts and feelings. I have been learning how yoga brings attention to why emotions arise how to manage and express them. To delve into our shadow, enable self love and set intentions to allow transformation.

I learnt more about the importance of touch, why touch is so essential for us as humans. In the sense of connection, readjustment, being held and how fuckimg good it feels to receive and give someone a hug. Massage is a practise of yoga and the two complement each other in so many ways.

Much thanks and gratitude to @chrisgladwell and @emma for their teachings, wisdom and holding such a special space to be in. I got to connect and share the experience with such beautiful awesome people 🙂 and the cat for teaching us shiatsu!

Cyprus i cannot wait to return but for now the journey continues as I head to Budapest!

Callum Xx

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