Our body Our Home



Another house and another journey ahead. I often question myself when will I find that home?

Last night before having massage, I said this to my therapist and he said to me Maslow was kind of wrong. What is our one true need and our one true home is our body!

And keeping our body safe, keeping it healthy and enabling it to function in the most optimised way possible. After a pretty stressful and emotional past week, I feel blessed to still have awareness for my body and it’s needs. Coming home to the body first and foremost.

Unfortunately I will not be practicing anymore from Easton, I will be working from Bristol College of Massage in Clifton on Wednesdays starting next month. Other days are available please email, text or ring to get in contact.

For now I am off to spend a month in Europe for some sea, sun, mountains, yoga and massage 🙂



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