What does health look like?

What does health look like? What do we perceive as somebody that looks healthy? What does health mean to you?

This TED talk does a brilliant job about highlighting the problems that we face in our culture about the image of health. I like and use the term holistic because it provides a way of approaching aspects like health at more than just one angle. A healthy body is much more than the physical sheath. We are individuals beautifully crafted by cause and effect of what we eat, how we use our body and our DNA handed down through generations along with many different factors. There will never be two bodies the same so how can we judge what a healthy body should look like?

The mind and body are interconnected so in order to have a healthy body we must have a healthy mind. What defines a healthy mind, we can never know exactly how somebody else is feeling or what a person might be going through mentally. It is ignorant to think that because somebody has radiant skin and an extremely toned rectus abdominis that they must be healthy. We will never be in nobody’s mind but our own.

If we are constantly tired and lack on sleep, rest and rely on stimulants to keep us awake to get through our day what does that say about our health? Our bodies need to feel awake, alive and given time to recuperate to function the best they can.

I ask you to feel into your body, does your whole body feel healthy?


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