What is Fascia?

If you have come for a massage with me at some point I would of mentioned fascia. I try to tell everybody I know about fascia because it excites me, it fascinates me and though I am just learning about it, the connectivity that everything is one I get it! So what is it?

Fascia is connective tissue working three dimensional to connect every single muscle, bone, organ and nerve in our body. The human body framework is dependent on this network of connective tissue.

If the body is in a healthy condition the fascia is relaxed and has the ability to move without restriction. If we experience any type of trauma be it physical trauma or emotional trauma, scarring, or inflammation the fascia loses its elasticity. The fascia becomes tight, restricted, and brings tension to the body. Breaking a bone, falling over, having a car crash or even just bad postural habits can cause problems in the fascial system and function in our body. If the fascia is restricted it can exert excessive pressure causing all kinds of symptoms producing pain, and restriction of motion.

I have just done some training in some Myofascial Release. I now offer this as a treatment. Myofascial release is a type of bodywork working directly with facial system in our body. Using a range of techniques of slow precise and a kinestic touch the fascia can unwind and have a sense of restructuring the body.

Please come and try this type of bodywork 🙂 I am offering for a special price of £30 an hour for the next month.

Contact me through www.gillonmassage.com

, facebook page or email gillonmassage@gmail.com.

Thank you Callum

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