What is the emotional body?


We do not just feel by the sense of touch; as everything is weaved, intertwined and connected within our bodies we can feel deeply into our emotions. There is never a good or a bad emotion, just a complex awareness of what is happening within us at that present time. To get distracted and lost into whatever the emotion is might become damaging and be difficult to let go of. Our emotions can perviceve the outlook that projects the way our bodies function. Becoming comfortable and happy within our body may bring joyful and positive emotional release. If we overuse or abuse our body and become distant from it our emotional state can be jeopardised.

Massage can be used as a therapy to connect with the emotional body and if wanted be a tool used to change how we might want to feel. Our emotional body suffers from lack of touch and we can become touch deprived, which could result in different sorts of disease. There have been many studies and articles written on the subject I am happy to share with you.

Allowing yourself to connect with the emotional body can bring homeostasis, bringing the physical and energetic body to function with more ease.

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