It is a New Year how does it feel?

Callum massage-16 (2).jpg


How does it feel to be in your body? Where do you feel good in your body? Where do you feel pain or discomfort in your body? Why do we even have a body?

It being a new year we often or might set out new intentions, resolutions and set ourselves goals for the year ahead. Why not set out to reconnect or connect more with the physical sheath that is your body. Bringing attention to our body is the first step in doing so and bringing massage and bodywork into our life can help achieve this. Massage can be known as an alternative medicine and medicine is used as a method to get healthier or bring more equilibrium to yourself. And medicine only works if it is applied!

I am personally excited for this year. I have some new plans that are being put into action, already signed up for some further training, going  to have massage and applying to do more festival work for when the summer comes. has been updated with new information about my pricing scheme. You can buy vouchers on there and keep up to date with latest blog posts.

Finally I have an offer for January of just £20 for a 45 minute massage!

Please get in contact via email, phone or facebook.


Thank you and have an amazing year


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