Gift Vouchers

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The physical body, the sheath we are born and grow into that allows us to move and function on this planet. It has many different layers but each one is connected and is just as important as the other. Never one looks or feels the same that is what makes your sheath as beautiful as the next one. The image of the body is just an outline and not a true representative!

New gift vouchers are ready for this festive time of year. Hand drawn by my super talented brother @shaun_gillon_art. Get in contact with him for commission work, check out his Instagram! Also huge thanks to my house mate Neil for being a wizard on photoshop and helping make new vouchers and cards. I’m extremely grateful to be surrounded by talented people, pushing inspiration and doing what they love. The more creavitivity that is put into the world the more beautiful a place it becomes! *hand drawn women anatomical body is also on it’s way 🙂

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