Preparing for Prevention

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There is a cooling crisp feel in the air as the temperature has plummeted this last week. Whilst the sky permits such a clear view of the color blue on a sunny day this time of year we are given the chance to really see the changes that have come into play this year and how we prepare for last two months. Sickness, flu, cold, viruses, seasonal affective disorder are all extremely common as the days get shorter and colder. But this does not need to be the case and I am a true believer of prevention before cure. Lots of Eastern traditions of medicine practice prevention. Ayurveda and Tibetan medical traditions both very similar to one an other used massage in routine as a way to help preventing illness. I picked up a beautiful book a couple months ago called The Tibetan art of Healing. which the picture above is taken from. Next to the picture it says… 'In the cold season, when the body's internal metabolism is most active, Tibetan doctors recommended massage with warm eagle-wood and sesame oil, bone marrow or melted butter with musk and extracts of medicinal herbs' Ok I wont be using bone marrow nor will I melt butter on your skin but I can provide a massage to help prevent the body fight against illness. How? Massage therapy can increase the number of white blood cells that work to fight off against viruses. Regular massage can have long term benefits to improve the immune system. After a massage you can go away with the feeling of warmth within the body, bringing a sense of comfort to our skin and then bring this awareness to help deal with the cold weather. I have plenty of availability for the month ahead. I am working from Greenbank Tuesday-Friday and also can book in for £20 at Bristol College of Massage in Clifton on a Thursday afternoon. Please email or ring for more details. I wish you a happy November Callum 🙂 #massage #holisticmassage #deeptissuemassage #tibetanmedicine #prevention #autumn #warmth #ayurveda #bristol #bs5

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