Ecological Succession

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Ecological succession taught to me by my friend Jon. The flow of nature managing disturbance and coming back to its true self. It's not a process that happens overnight, it can take many years or centuries to happen. After watching Blade Runner in the week I had to go and spend the next day emerged in nature and it really got me thinking about our awareness to our planet. As we go deeper into the technology age, I feel we as a species need to ensure that we don't get lost and become more separated from the reality that we are just as part of this earth as the tree growing out of the wall. How is this related to massage? Well personally I think awareness starts with ourselves and with our body. Massage can bring attention and awareness to how our bodies feel, where stress is held and where we can release tension physically and mentally. When we are aware of our bodies we can become more aware of the world around us. Becoming aware of the stress we are putting on the planet we can make changes of how we are impacting it. We can become that ecological succession and grow back to our true self, we can grow with technology and make use all of the advantages it has to offer. Growth and change is made easier when we are aware of it! I invite you to become aware of your body and book in for a massage. I have availability next Monday, Wednesday- Friday please call or text 07946427826, email or contact through fb. Have a beautiful weekend Callum 🙂 #ecolohicalsuccession #nature #massage #holisticmassage #holistic #autumn #Bristol #bs5 #awarness #bladerunner2049 #trees #planetearth #growth

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