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Another house and another journey ahead. I often question myself when will I find that home?

Last night before having massage, I said this to my therapist and he said to me Maslow was kind of wrong. What is our one true need and our one true home is our body!

And keeping our body safe, keeping it healthy and enabling it to function in the most optimised way possible. After a pretty stressful and emotional past week, I feel blessed to still have awareness for my body and it’s needs. Coming home to the body first and foremost.

Unfortunately I will not be practicing anymore from Easton, I will be working from Bristol College of Massage in Clifton on Wednesdays starting next month. Other days are available please email, text or ring to get in contact.

For now I am off to spend a month in Europe for some sea, sun, mountains, yoga and massage 🙂



What does health look like?

What does health look like? What do we perceive as somebody that looks healthy? What does health mean to you?

This TED talk does a brilliant job about highlighting the problems that we face in our culture about the image of health. I like and use the term holistic because it provides a way of approaching aspects like health at more than just one angle. A healthy body is much more than the physical sheath. We are individuals beautifully crafted by cause and effect of what we eat, how we use our body and our DNA handed down through generations along with many different factors. There will never be two bodies the same so how can we judge what a healthy body should look like?

The mind and body are interconnected so in order to have a healthy body we must have a healthy mind. What defines a healthy mind, we can never know exactly how somebody else is feeling or what a person might be going through mentally. It is ignorant to think that because somebody has radiant skin and an extremely toned rectus abdominis that they must be healthy. We will never be in nobody’s mind but our own.

If we are constantly tired and lack on sleep, rest and rely on stimulants to keep us awake to get through our day what does that say about our health? Our bodies need to feel awake, alive and given time to recuperate to function the best they can.

I ask you to feel into your body, does your whole body feel healthy?


What is Fascia?

If you have come for a massage with me at some point I would of mentioned fascia. I try to tell everybody I know about fascia because it excites me, it fascinates me and though I am just learning about it, the connectivity that everything is one I get it! So what is it?

Fascia is connective tissue working three dimensional to connect every single muscle, bone, organ and nerve in our body. The human body framework is dependent on this network of connective tissue.

If the body is in a healthy condition the fascia is relaxed and has the ability to move without restriction. If we experience any type of trauma be it physical trauma or emotional trauma, scarring, or inflammation the fascia loses its elasticity. The fascia becomes tight, restricted, and brings tension to the body. Breaking a bone, falling over, having a car crash or even just bad postural habits can cause problems in the fascial system and function in our body. If the fascia is restricted it can exert excessive pressure causing all kinds of symptoms producing pain, and restriction of motion.

I have just done some training in some Myofascial Release. I now offer this as a treatment. Myofascial release is a type of bodywork working directly with facial system in our body. Using a range of techniques of slow precise and a kinestic touch the fascia can unwind and have a sense of restructuring the body.

Please come and try this type of bodywork 🙂 I am offering for a special price of £30 an hour for the next month.

Contact me through www.gillonmassage.com

, facebook page or email gillonmassage@gmail.com.

Thank you Callum

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What is the emotional body?


We do not just feel by the sense of touch; as everything is weaved, intertwined and connected within our bodies we can feel deeply into our emotions. There is never a good or a bad emotion, just a complex awareness of what is happening within us at that present time. To get distracted and lost into whatever the emotion is might become damaging and be difficult to let go of. Our emotions can perviceve the outlook that projects the way our bodies function. Becoming comfortable and happy within our body may bring joyful and positive emotional release. If we overuse or abuse our body and become distant from it our emotional state can be jeopardised.

Massage can be used as a therapy to connect with the emotional body and if wanted be a tool used to change how we might want to feel. Our emotional body suffers from lack of touch and we can become touch deprived, which could result in different sorts of disease. There have been many studies and articles written on the subject I am happy to share with you.

Allowing yourself to connect with the emotional body can bring homeostasis, bringing the physical and energetic body to function with more ease.

It is a New Year how does it feel?

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How does it feel to be in your body? Where do you feel good in your body? Where do you feel pain or discomfort in your body? Why do we even have a body?

It being a new year we often or might set out new intentions, resolutions and set ourselves goals for the year ahead. Why not set out to reconnect or connect more with the physical sheath that is your body. Bringing attention to our body is the first step in doing so and bringing massage and bodywork into our life can help achieve this. Massage can be known as an alternative medicine and medicine is used as a method to get healthier or bring more equilibrium to yourself. And medicine only works if it is applied!

I am personally excited for this year. I have some new plans that are being put into action, already signed up for some further training, going  to have massage and applying to do more festival work for when the summer comes.

www.gillonmassage.com has been updated with new information about my pricing scheme. You can buy vouchers on there and keep up to date with latest blog posts.

Finally I have an offer for January of just ÂŁ20 for a 45 minute massage!

Please get in contact via email, phone or facebook.




Thank you and have an amazing year


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The physical body, the sheath we are born and grow into that allows us to move and function on this planet. It has many different layers but each one is connected and is just as important as the other. Never one looks or feels the same that is what makes your sheath as beautiful as the next one. The image of the body is just an outline and not a true representative!

New gift vouchers are ready for this festive time of year. Hand drawn by my super talented brother @shaun_gillon_art. Get in contact with him for commission work, check out his Instagram! Also huge thanks to my house mate Neil @tapt.co.uk for being a wizard on photoshop and helping make new vouchers and cards. I’m extremely grateful to be surrounded by talented people, pushing inspiration and doing what they love. The more creavitivity that is put into the world the more beautiful a place it becomes! *hand drawn women anatomical body is also on it’s way 🙂

Merry Christmas Callum 🙂 #massage#bodies #christmas #festive#holisticmassage #art #handdrawing#anatomy

Coat of Change


This week the treatment room has been given a fresh coat of paint to lighten the space and bring a sense of change which I feel has been needed.

Change is healthy and to grow we need to become aware of what happens when it occurs and how to move with it or make it happen. It can be a scary task and something that is often put off until it is essential to do so.
Our bodies are constantly changing, our cells, our muscles, our feelings, our thoughts, our stamina. These are changes which can be out of our control but we can choose to change how our bodies feel. Massage offers a range of changes to how you want to feel in your body. Through massage the physiology of our body can change as muscles become less tense, our body might change and slip into the parasympathetic nervous system and enable us enter a state of relaxation or perhaps give us the space to let go of something that has been playing on our mind. We can become aware of these changes if they may or may not happen.

I will leave you with one of my favourite Alan Watts quotes. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂
“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Coming Home

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I wrote last week about the importance of prevention and an important aspect of this is taking time off to have a break. We crave holiday, a time to reflect, give our body a rest and do things that we don't normally have the time or energy to do. The last five days I have come home, taken some time off from massage and i feel pretty reset from doing so. Fortunate enough to spend time with family and do some walking into the majestic highlands. Unfortunately we cannot be on constant holiday though I believe by giving yourself time on a regular basis to switch off for even just an hour can do wonder for your wellbeing. How? Massage! By allowing that time you can enable your body to reset, it can be used as a mini holiday to yourself. Your physical, emotional and energetic body will thank you massively. I have availability next Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Plus plenty of spaces for the rest of November. Please call or text 07946427826, email gillonmassage@gmail.com or contact through fb. www.gillonmassage.com Have a beautiful weekend  Callum 🙂 #massage #holisticmassage #deeptissuemassage #scotland #highlands #bristol #bs5 #cominghome #reset

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Preparing for Prevention

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There is a cooling crisp feel in the air as the temperature has plummeted this last week. Whilst the sky permits such a clear view of the color blue on a sunny day this time of year we are given the chance to really see the changes that have come into play this year and how we prepare for last two months. Sickness, flu, cold, viruses, seasonal affective disorder are all extremely common as the days get shorter and colder. But this does not need to be the case and I am a true believer of prevention before cure. Lots of Eastern traditions of medicine practice prevention. Ayurveda and Tibetan medical traditions both very similar to one an other used massage in routine as a way to help preventing illness. I picked up a beautiful book a couple months ago called The Tibetan art of Healing. which the picture above is taken from. Next to the picture it says… 'In the cold season, when the body's internal metabolism is most active, Tibetan doctors recommended massage with warm eagle-wood and sesame oil, bone marrow or melted butter with musk and extracts of medicinal herbs' Ok I wont be using bone marrow nor will I melt butter on your skin but I can provide a massage to help prevent the body fight against illness. How? Massage therapy can increase the number of white blood cells that work to fight off against viruses. Regular massage can have long term benefits to improve the immune system. After a massage you can go away with the feeling of warmth within the body, bringing a sense of comfort to our skin and then bring this awareness to help deal with the cold weather. I have plenty of availability for the month ahead. I am working from Greenbank Tuesday-Friday and also can book in for ÂŁ20 at Bristol College of Massage in Clifton on a Thursday afternoon. Please email or ring for more details. I wish you a happy November Callum 🙂 www.gillonmassage.com #massage #holisticmassage #deeptissuemassage #tibetanmedicine #prevention #autumn #warmth #ayurveda #bristol #bs5

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Ecological Succession

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Ecological succession taught to me by my friend Jon. The flow of nature managing disturbance and coming back to its true self. It's not a process that happens overnight, it can take many years or centuries to happen. After watching Blade Runner in the week I had to go and spend the next day emerged in nature and it really got me thinking about our awareness to our planet. As we go deeper into the technology age, I feel we as a species need to ensure that we don't get lost and become more separated from the reality that we are just as part of this earth as the tree growing out of the wall. How is this related to massage? Well personally I think awareness starts with ourselves and with our body. Massage can bring attention and awareness to how our bodies feel, where stress is held and where we can release tension physically and mentally. When we are aware of our bodies we can become more aware of the world around us. Becoming aware of the stress we are putting on the planet we can make changes of how we are impacting it. We can become that ecological succession and grow back to our true self, we can grow with technology and make use all of the advantages it has to offer. Growth and change is made easier when we are aware of it! I invite you to become aware of your body and book in for a massage. I have availability next Monday, Wednesday- Friday please call or text 07946427826, email gillonmassage@gmail.com or contact through fb. www.gillonmassage.com Have a beautiful weekend Callum 🙂 #ecolohicalsuccession #nature #massage #holisticmassage #holistic #autumn #Bristol #bs5 #awarness #bladerunner2049 #trees #planetearth #growth

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