2 years ago I quit my job and started on a new career path. Glastonbury Festival was my first paid working experience as a massage therpaist and it is an absolutepleasure to be back here on a working holdiay 😉

Can definetly say the last two years has been a quite significant change in lifestyle. Feel like I am on constantly learning, growing and developing my trade. Got an amazing community of colleagues doing the same thing and bringing connection through touch to help people heal and bring awarness to their bodies!

Quite honoured and happy that I have found purpose in what I do with the majority of my time. We get one go at life, dig deep and find what it is you really want to do with your time, take steps to make the change you want within yourself, dont let anyone tell you cant do it, the struggles are real and nothing will ever be easy but reaping the fruits of doing what your purpose is worth every single effort that is put in!

Come and find me in the healing fields if you are at Glastonbury this year or I shall see you on the dance floor 🙂 Xx

@ Glastonbury Festival

Subtlety in Depth



Subtlety in Depth

Last week one of my clients described her treatment as deep but subtle. A very fair description to my approach to massage.

The term Deep-Tissue I feel can be very misunderstood in the world of massage, that DEEPTISSUE work needs to painful to be effective. We often hear the term no pain no gain thrown about where actually pain just equals pain.

Deep work can be slow, subtle and working through many layers of tissue to try and access the muscle we are aiming to relieve tension from.

So what about when we feel tension as a sharp sensation, that something might feel stuck or could perhaps describe as a ‘knot’?

We breath! I always encourage my clients to breathe consciously throughout their treatment and when they feel tension to try and breath through it. And if they can’t breathe comfortably then we have gone too deep. Our muscles tissues will thank us the next day in doing so.

Deeptissue work can help to relieve tension and bring more awareness to how we are feeling in our body without experiencing pain and discomfort. We already live in a hectic, fast paced world and pain is suffered everywhere. So why suffer whilst having a massage?

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Happy New Year


Happy New Year, what will this year do to our body, how will our body move into the year, what will our body experince this year, how can we come more connected, more vibrant, more free to.move and express what it means to be in our body??

Personally I find bodywork and yoga, why not try it?

I am currently working from treatment rooms in Clifton, St Werburghs and Fishponds.

Also part of my yoga teacher training I will be soon holding classes for learning more details to follow soon.

For January I am offering a one hour treatments for £35 or 90 minute treatments for £55. I am also introducing 75 minute treatments to as I believe 60 minutes is never enough.

Please pass the word to your friends, family, colleagues and anyone you think may benefit from massage.

Also if you book before the end of the month I am offering a block of four hour massages for £125 or a block of six hours for £185. I can take 50% deposit and the rest can be paid before end of February. Which can be used within 12 months.

All the best for 2019

Callum Gillon

The Psoas


So what if I told you by massaging the front of the body can be one of the most effective ways to relieve back pain?

Let me introduce the psoas muscle or the iliopsoas. Attaching onto the 12th thoracic vertebrae and all of the lumbar, the psoas travels through the pelvis attaching onto the femur bone making it the only muscle in the body to attach our trunk to our legs. It stabilises the back to sit up right, assists in walking or running and allows the trunk to bend over. Fascial connections directly to the diaphragm, having a tight psoas can cause changes to the way that we breath.

We live in a world where we are sat down a lot of the time, whether at a desk, watching a film or driving a car. Prolonged periods of sitting down causes the psoas to shorten, become tight and this could result in back pain.
How do we maintain a healthy psoas? Ensure to move your body, if sat down for a long time get up and move. And when sitting raise your sit bones by placing a cushion so hips are higher than your knees. This releases the psoas due to the hamstrings being lengthened when the pelvis tilts. As we learnt to walk the movement of the psoas became unconscious and natural we don’t even think about it. Practising yoga can bring you conscious of this muscle through certain poses.

Directly linked to our emotional body, we hold onto stress in our tissues and especially our hips. Lowering our stress levels can help the psoas be more free and agile.
And of course massage! The psoas can only be massaged when lying on our back or side body. There are certain deep tissue and myofascial techniques that can work to release the psoas muscle.

Look after your psoas and it will no doubt look after you.

The mysteries uncovered of the fascial system!

More and more research and findings are being discovered in the world about the importance of fascia.

This article and the documentary shared is great and really highlights the importance of healthy Fascia. Move people it really helps…

“You can actually improve the quality of your fascia in as little as three days of active movement. However, severely agglutinated fascia — connective tissue that is firmly stuck together due to excess collagen production, caused by inactivity — can take up to one year to completely regenerate.”

If you dont want to move I offer Myofascial Release as a treatment which works directly with fascial system (which is the whole body) and can help to relieve stiffness, pain, emotional blockages and bring the body into the rest and digest state!



Water does not hold on, it flows fast needing to escape or drips past in no hurry
Water can be present in stillness, it stops and becomes calm with no reason than to just be
Water is furious, scary and dangerous in times of disaster
Water if not cared for becomes murky, polluted and poison to be around
Water reflects its surroundings
Water when at peace shows clarity and enables visibility of depth
Water changes, evaporates and it let’s go
Water a teacher…

Our muscles, tendons, organs, fascia, ligaments and everything within our body functions so much better when kept hydrated. We can think better and certainly move better. Being able to drink clean water is a blessing and being able to swim in it is even more so!

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Self Care


Self Care!

Budapest definetly leads the way in terms of spas. Like massage I do not think spas should be seen as luxury but a ritual we all should do to ensure we give our body the care it deserves.

I spent several hours in the Gerlett Baths yesterday followed by an hour and a half Thai massage. This was definetly the best spa I have visited!

Budapest you have been such a beautiful place to hang out, eat good food and give my body a well deserved rest :)!

Now on to Barcelona xx
@ Hungary